Reasoning Test

Evaluate reasoning abilities

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The Reasoning Test helps to evaluate cognitive abilities required for jobs demanding good analytical skills, especially for roles in a complex work environment. While there is a correlation between performance and IQ, other factors, such as personality, interests, emotional intelligence, should also be considered for a more comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s potential. The Reasoning Test is available in either a full version or a shorter version, "R20", which has been adapted for less qualified individuals.


Recruiting individuals with high intellectual abilities leads to better returns on investment for your organization. Employees with good intellect are better equipped to learn job related skills faster, adapt better to the environment and thereby improve their job performance. This assessment enables you to appreciate the reasoning and learning style of a candidate and his potential to succeed in a particular role.

Selection for colleges/business schools

Research has found that cognitive assessments may be able to predict significant learning abilities. The Reasoning Test gives you a clear picture of a student’s aptitude and learning ability, which in turn helps in selecting candidates who will be a good fit for the organization. People with higher intellectual ability tend to respond better in academic training and are able to find resources which enable them to succeed quicker in any environments than those with lower ability.

Internal Mobility

An employee's ability to develop new skills, face new challenges and follow training is a strong predictor of their future performance. Identifying your employees' reasoning abilities allows you to predict which skills they will be most likely to excel in, and thus validate their potential to succeed on tasks and in future projects.

Target groups: Job-seekers, employees and students.
Questionnaire: 42 questions.
Time: 35 minutes (timed)
Languages: Available in English, French and Spanish.
Key features
Evaluates a candidate's general intelligence (IQ)
Uses original and varied questions
Provides detailed solutions to the questions (on demand)
Available in a shorter format of 20 minutes
  • Description of candidate’s dominant trait
  • Graph
  • Detailed table
  • Customized comments