CareerWise Africa

CareeWise Africa is a part of Index Consulting. Index Consulting delivers trusted personality-based insights to employers, employees and candidates. Comprehensive insights from the CareerWise Africa personality questionnaire aim to provide an indication of the best career path to suit you. At CareerWise Africa, we are extremely passionate about helping students, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives find the work that they love.

Our Expertise

The art of evaluating human potential

Our tagline “the art of assessment” refers to technê or craft in Greek to our technical expertise and our know-how in the art of psychometrics.Thus, each of our assessments is created as a piece of art revealing human subtleties, strengths and potential and helping to get a better understanding of oneself and to develop one’s talent.

An assessment approach by the book

Our assessments are published and validated in accordance with the rules of the international scientific community. Each psychometric test is subjected to several years of research and complies with the validation norms established by the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychological Association (BPS) and the International Test Commission (ITC) of which we are members..

Assessment tools at the cutting edge of innovation

CareerWise combines its passion for human behaviour and psychometrics by keeping innovation at its core. It is reflected across all our assessments, be it in the latest statistical methods, by integrating real-life scenarios into questionnaires or its multilingual and customizable technology platform.Central Test offers a solution to one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations and individuals: "Information for decision making".

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