Management Test

Know what your management strengths are.

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Do you know what your management strengths are? Do you have the skills and qualities required to run a business or a team? Being a manager is a challenging position that requires several skills and aptitudes. Understanding your strengths and knowing your management style will open up career opportunities and help you gain respect and influence.

This Management Test will help you:
  • Evaluate your strengths and pinpoint the areas you need to develop
  • Improve your management style for more effectiveness
  • Bolster your chances of future management success

The Management Test gives you a comprehensive evaluation of your skills and management style.

Your personalized report includes:

A detailed description of your skills and management style, based on seven behavioral factors:
Global vision vs. Analytical
Conceptual vs. Operational
Reflective vs. Spontaneous
Affiliation vs. Discretion
Intervention vs. Delegation
People-oriented vs. Task-oriented
Innovative vs. Conservative

A comparison of your profile with seven management roles: entrepreneur, motivator, project manager, strategist, chief executive, manager and expert

Personalized feedback on the factors highlighted in your management profile

Number of questions: 49
Duration: 12 min
  • Description of candidate‚Äôs dominant trait
  • Graph
  • Detailed table
  • Customized comments